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About us

FSUE "The National Fish Resources " is administered by the Federal Fisheries Agency (www.fishcom.ru ). The privilege of the owner of the property business the Federal Agency for State Property Management realizesit(www.rosim.ru ) and the Federal Agency for Fishery.

The company takes part in the implementation of the federal target program "Improving the use and development of the resource potential of the fishery industry in 2009 - 2013 years", approved by the Government of the Russian Federation from August 12, 2008 N 606, as well as in the implementation of the Federal target program "World Ocean" (subprogram "Development of the Arctic"), approved by the Government of the Russian Federation ¹ 731 from 30.09.2008.

FSUE "The National Fish Resources" implements its  activity with funds received by it for the performance of works (services) related to integrated service fishing vessels to fish seaport terminal, lease assigned to enterprise assets and other income from the activities.

At the moment, FSUE "The National Fish Resources" implements the following activities:

· Operation is in the economic management of the fishing, transport and research vessels;

· Operation located in the economic management of hydraulic structures (moorage, piers, etc.) and port fleet;

· Organize and participate in research resource base of fishing in waters owned by and under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation in the areas of foreign countries and  the open part of the Ocean;

· International cooperation on the instructions of the Federal Agency for Fisheries in the area of ​​FSUE "The National Fish Resources";

· Wholesale sales of fish and seafood.

In the economic management of FSUE "The National Fish Resources" is Pavilion ¹ 38 "Fishing" in the All-Russian Exhibition Centre territory.

FSUE "The National Fish Resources" has a network of 9 branches in the port cities of the North, Far East and the South Basin.

Today the company employs staff with extensive professional experience in both government and commercial organizations. Since 2008,a market control scheme builds in the company and carries out increasing the efficiency of all units, the introduction of modern methods of market man agement.